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Wooden Cup and Ball

Our Price: £2.39 In Stock
  • Wooden cup and ball is another timeless retro classic
  • Can you meet the cup and ball challenge? 
  • Thanks to a young customer in our Cambridge toy shop, we can!
  • Start your own cup and ball tournament, family fun



Wooden Cup and Ball

Wooden cup and ball is the little toy that's a lot of fun. So you think to yourself, 'how difficult can it be?' and you wait until no-one is looking  and pick up that cup and ball and...oops! OK, another go, it can't be that tricky, can it? It's compulsive stuff, once you start you can't stop! Cup and ball game is a great chance to get the family playing together, not just for Christmas. Could be the new de-stress office tool and it's a great size for a party bag. 

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