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Wonder Worm

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  • Wonder worms are looking for good homes
  • Amaze your friends as your fluffy wriggly worm comes to life in your hands
  • Perfect pocket money toys and cracking little stocking fillers
  • Remember 'Squirmles' these wriggly worms



Wonder Worm

Magic wriggly wonder worm is back, hurrah! this twisty, fluffly little guy can be your new best friend and keep family & friends entertained, entranced and maybe a teeny bit envious. Wonder worm comes in a variety of colours, none of which are even vaguely natural: Pink, purple, green, yellow & blue wonder worms available, let's get ready to wiggle. Bright, bold & beautiful to make you look like a worm master (or mistress). SPOILER ALERT: This fabulous fluffy little worm is attached to invisible thread, tell no-one.

Wonder worm is the re-incarnation of the 70's classic Squirmle (I loved mine to pieces, literally after a few years, sadly!). The simplest ideas are the best, here's just such an idea. Pop the tag at the end of the invisible thread into your clothing and magically, your wonder worm will be at your command, performing amazing stunts and tricks that make you look pretty cool actually.

Size: About the length of a medium sized worm, if you include his thread we're talking more snake length

Age: Worm tamers aged 3+ will get the best out of their wonder worm

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