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Metal Cap Gun

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  • Metal Cap Gun is a fantastic childhood toy
  • Stunning design & decoration on the toy gun
  • Caps are available too (they smell the same)
  • Flip-down cylinder for quick draws, built to last



Metal Cap Gun

Die-cast metal cowboy gun, what childhood is complete without a metal cap gun? We reckon if you're gonna have a metal cap gun, it might as well be a mighty fine one, and this, is one o' the best! Authentic western style detail on the whole gun including the wood effect butt. Hours of gun fights & high adventures with fellow cowboys & cowgirls, Give us a call for caps, we got two types that are perfect for this metal cap gun. We had a fabulous email telling us how these guns were the best Christmas gifts by far, making the family Christmas the best by far...pleased with that.

No shortage of friends when you are the proud owner of this gun, no sirree! Our modern version comes with a flip-down cylinder so you can be quick on the draw.

Built to last many years of gun fights & adventure, memories built to last forever. This cowboy gun comes in a mighty fine box too.

Do you remember the smell?

Size: 20.5cm (pretty much)

Material: Metal alloy

Age: We reckon you'd best be the judge of that

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