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Magic Plastic Yellow

Our Price: £3.39 In Stock
  • Magic Plastic - pocket money fun in a tube
  • Blow Magic Plastic balloons that don't pop
  • Choice of four colours: Blue, red, yellow, green
  • Perfect for stockings and party bags, hours of fun

Magic Plastic: plastic balloons in a tube. Magic plastic balloons won't pop, blow your own touchable bubbles. Pocket money fun to keep children and their audience entertained. It won't take long to master the art of blowing your own magic plastic balloons; watch this tube of plastic grow into magic plastic bubbles for children and big kids! 

Magic plastic bubbles come in your choice of four colours so everybody knows which magic plastic belongs to which child or adult! Just squeeze out a blob, blow it up with the straw and shape it into any shape you can. Magic plastic is one of those toys that makes people go slightly misty eyed as the memories flood back of happy times.  Who knew that so much entertainment could be squeezed out of this little tube. Lots more Pocket Money Toys to choose if you visit our Wellingborough toy shop and we are adding more on here all of the time.

Age: Over 6s will love making magic




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