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for the big kid in all of us

For the big kid in all of us

Quirky, Original and just a little bit different

Jungle Speed Game

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  • Jungle Speed is a fantastic game! We love it.
  • Quick reactions, razor-sharp wits, grab the totem, fast!
  • Great game for family & friends. It's quite competitive, you have been warned!
  • Game for holidays, pub, family nights in



Jungle Speed Game

Jungle Speed, 'A brilliant game'! Uno meets Spoons in fantastic style. Just watch the video to see for yourself. Words can't describe how much fun this is. Frantic family and or friends  fun, just how it should be.  Watch out adults, you need quick reaction times in Jungle Speed if you reckon you're going to succeed! You just won't be able to stop playing.

In Jungle Speed, open the neat little drawstring bag to find a totem, a pack of cards & a little instruction book (little because the instructions are sooo easy) and hey presto!  Your life is transformed! The best ideas are the simplest & this, is a great idea. Adults and kids, adults only, kids only, Here we are again, pleasing all of the people all of the time! Jungle Speed is not the only game we stock. 

Age: From 7 flying solo but the younger ones love being part of your team.

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