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Ginny Weasley Character Wand

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  • Ginny Weasley, the girl who stole Harry Potter's heart
  • Ginny's Weasley's wand can be yours, so you have the power to do good
  • The magic of Harry Potter will continue for many years, you can own a piece of it
  • Authentic Ginny character wand, part of the genuine Noble collection



Ginny Weasley Character Wand

Ginny Weasley's wand is rather magical in itself.  Smooth dark wood with a beautiful spiral design. In the Harry Potter series this wand and its master were capable of powerful magic, including the Bat-Bogey Hex, so be warned, collectors of all things Harry Potter, there's magic in that there wand.  This wand is longer than the usual 14" in length, why?  Well according to Ollivander himself, this occurred only when a peculiarity in the wand required it.  Here, witches, wizards and muggles, is a wand of very special properties. Be careful with it, be mindful of the magic you make.

Age:  This wand, like the others, is a collector's piece and not a toy, so muggles of 7 years +

Size: 35 cm approx

Material: Resin & 

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