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for the big kid in all of us

For the big kid in all of us

Quirky, Original and just a little bit different



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  • Expandaball, the expanding ball with a life of its own
  • Throw expandaball in the air, watch it grow
  • Expandaball will make any stocking fill quickly, it takes up space!
  • Another classic toy, entertainment for kids that grows bigger (see what we did there?)




Expandaball does exactly as it says on the tin, it's a ball that expands! Simply throw it in the air and watch it grow. We don't know what it is about these plastic balls but they are fascinating. Bit of a feat of engineering if you look close up, well done to whoever came up with the concept.

Expandaballs make a cool party gift, another gift that keeps giving as children & adults can play a great game of throw & catch, one that really does improve hand-eye coordination!

Size:Well now, it starts off small (15 cm?) & gets bigger (30 cm?)

Age: From 4, they might be a tad enthusiastic before then!

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