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Cosmo Tin Robot

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  • Cosmo tin robot, wind up, watch him go
  • Classic retro tin robot toy, keeping generations entertained
  • 10"" Robot toy, classic styling, lithographed tin
  • Fabulous retro wind up robot, family fun



Cosmo Tin Robot

Let Cosmo take you (and the children) back in time, bright, colourful, funky fun to liven up any household. Just wind Cosmo up & let him keep you entertained.

10" of classic styling. Turn the metal key and watch your little tin robot whizz across the room. Who knows, maybe you could train him to do some housework?! (Good luck with that, we think he probably won't). Cosmo will arrive in his own bright & colourful gift box. Built to make you smile.

Size: Approx. 25cm

Material: Lithographed Tin (remember that?)

Age: From 3 years to-well, we think everyone will love him

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