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for the big kid in all of us

For the big kid in all of us

Quirky, Original and just a little bit different

Clockwork Bather Bath Toy

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  • Clockwork bathers are a best selling bath toy
  • Little powerhouse of fun for adults & children
  • Front crawl or Butterfly (talented) bath swimmer
  • Bath toy swimmers Make bath-time fun



Clockwork Bather Bath Toy

Clockwork bather is one of our top sellers, set his or her little arms to perform front crawl or butterfly, a multi-talented little swimmer in your bath tub who has the magical power to make you smile. Let him get on with a few widths while you get on with the not so serious business of bathing.

The clockwork bather is an 8 cm long little powerhouse of fun that will make them desperate to get in the bath (watch the video above to see how excited they will be). You'll find loads of fun like this in our Wellingborough & Cambridge toy shops and the When I Was a Kid toy box is growing all of the time, check out the other Pocket Money Toys like the Potato Zapper Spud Gun & the Snake in a Tin...the fun just keeps coming

Size: 8cm approx

Age: Little hands might be a little too enthusiastic with the winding but they love to play with clockwork bather in the bath.

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