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for the big kid in all of us

For the big kid in all of us

Quirky, Original and just a little bit different


Bouncy Ball

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  • Bouncy ball to bounce into your party bag or Christmas stocking
  • Classic pocket money bouncy ball toy, we all need a bit of bounce
  • Colours & styles vary, so does each bouce, exciting isn't it
  • Who knew that this little rubber ball could offer so much fun



Bouncy Ball

Bouncy balls are perhaps one of the cheapest ways to entertain children, not for a few minutes, but for hours, months, years.  This little bouncy ball is bursting with potential to keep kids amused, improve their hand-eye coordination, increase ball skills and make you look cool.  The classic bouncy ball will slip into a pocket, a party bag or school bag so children need never feel bored again. 

Size: 3.5 cm diameter

Age: From 3+ they can keep some control of this little power-house of a ball

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