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Wooden toys, traditional toys & quirky gifts

Quality wooden toys and gifts for children & adults

WIWAK Glossary

What you think of as a traditional toy is probably different to what others may think, we are all different. It is difficult to define but for us but our guiding principle is, if it has the dreaded ‘on/off switch’ (on goes the switch, off goes the imagination’ then it doesn’t make the grade for us, it isn’t good enough for you. We want toys that bring value, toys that have stood the test of time. Here are a few examples of what we mean: Toy Catapult Set, Original Metal Slinky Toy, Humming Top Toy and our Metal Cap Gun We are always happy to hear about more though our Toy Memories Blog article
Wooden Toys
Not just toys that have a bit of wood involved!  We mean proper wooden toys, made of proper wood! You cannot beat the look & feel. Making plastic toys uses up the world’s precious (and depleted) oil resources, we are not happy about that. Wooden toys could mean precious trees are being chopped down. So what we do is, we source as many [wooden toys] as possible that are made from a sustainable source (below). Trees are rubber wood and/or replaced as fast, or faster, than they are farmed. Not only that, we aim for Fair Trade (below) too. Discover just some of our ethically sourced wooden toys Natural Wooden Noah's Ark, Long Dog 1-25 Number Jigsaw or our fabulous Wooden Fairy Children's Bookends
Sustainable Sources
Trees are vital for removing carbon dioxide and replacing it with oxygen. Sourcing our wooden toys from sustainable sources means that the trees are replaced as they are felled. Carbon Dioxide is still removed from the environment & we are not making global warming any worse. Many of our wooden toys are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council ensuring that we are tackling the problem of global warming.  All of this just adds to the benefit of having a feel-good, look-good toy that will be loved for a lifetime. Take a look at some of our wooden toys sourced from sustainable sources. Pull along DogFirst Pounder and our Counting Stacking Toy
Fair Trade
Toys can be sourced from suppliers all over the world. Where possible, When I Was a Kid finds traditional toys and wooden toys that are Fair Trade. What does this mean? People have benefitted by being paid a fair wage and they have not had to work in unreasonable conditions.  Not only will your toy bring joy to each child who plays with it but you can feel good about choosing these Fair Trade traditional and wooden toys.  Some examples of our Fair Trade toys are: Wooden Pirate Ship and our Dragon Wooden Alphabet Puzzle
Retro Toys
Now this is difficult to define! What is Retro to us? It might well be different to what is different to you! The Retro Toys we sell are typically to be found in the Traditional Toys category. They are all modern reproductions of toys that have been loved for years. That is how we know they would still be loved today. The magic keeps coming. When I Was a Kid don’t want the magic of these toys to be forgotten. Examples of our retro toys are Retro Space Hopper, Fisher Price Chatter Telephone, Magnetic Gyro Wheel and Etch a Sketch Toy
Independent Toy Shop
We are so proud to be independent. When I Was a Kid is a family owned, and family run toy shop that is not part of a giant chain. The chain-stores are interested in one thing and one thing only, profit.  We are interested in the toys and our customers. Whether visiting our magical store or visiting our wonderful [website] (would that work?!), we want you to enjoy every moment, just as we so. Independent = The only people we answer to is you! We work hard to deserve your support.
Traditional Toy Shop
When I Was a Kid has two wonderful toy shops, Nene Court, Wellingborough and Trinity Street, Cambridge, both shops full of wonder, traditional toys and gifts and surprises around every corner. Our traditional toy shops Bring you the toys that have been loved for years, in the most magical way possible. We want you to remember us with a smile, for us that is part of what makes life good. Come & visit. More of our traditional toys: Drinking Bird Toy, Plastic Toy Army Soldiers, Wind up Tin Toy Robot and the classic Wooden Baby Walker with Bricks
You! Unlike the giant chains, it isn’t profit that drive us, honestly. We are driven by the magical journey our customers go on when they visit us, we know, because you tell us.  Every day is a new adventure. Thank you, we love what we do & we love the fact you love it too! Please share the magic & tell your friends, we promise to look after them too. 
Very happy for the chance to ‘get started’ on this! Take a look at our [Blog article]. This is our constant quest, toys that let little imaginations grow big.  Stop and think a while, how many modern toys don’t allow children to think? How many children sit in stupefied silence as images (often violent and inappropriate ones) are implanted into their precious minds? Our toys give children the space to create, to think, to develop and to love. Here are just a few examples Childrens Wigwam Play Tent, Moover Wooden Dolls Pram, Wooden Toy Castle and Rory's Story Cubes
Proper Toys
This is all a matter of opinion, the beauty of human nature is, we don’t all share the same opinion! That is why we have so much choice, something for everyone. By ‘Proper Toys’ we mean toys that encourage children to play in an imaginative, creative & meaningful way. Skills will develop that are crucial for life…we can’t imagine how games consoles can possibly compete with all of that. Some of the toys you love most include: Stripes the Bunny, Russian Matryoshka Nesting Dolls for children and our best selling and timeless Personalised Wooden Name Train

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