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for the big kid in all of us

For the big kid in all of us

Quirky, Original and just a little bit different


Why Wooden Toys?
We believe the touch and feel of real wooden toys can't be beaten. Compare an old wooden toy with an old plastic one and you'll see what we mean.  The wood can tell the story of the life it has had, of how it has been loved.
But isn't the cost of wooden toys sometimes more?
Sometimes, it might be, yes. Our wooden toys are made with care, built to last and to be loved. They give value back. Examples are: Personalised Wooden Name Train, Childrens Wigwam Play Tent, Natural Wooden Noah's Ark...years of play,  makers of magical memories.
What does 'Responsibly sourced' mean?
This means that precious trees haven't just been chopped down in order to create wooden toys. When we supply wooden toys that are responsibly sourced it means that life-giving trees are being replaced, often more so, so we have a positive impact on the environment, and on little lives: Our responsibly sourced toys include: Counting Stacking Toy, Pull along Dog and Dragon Wooden Alphabet Puzzle
How do you define Traditional Toys?
Great question! What is traditional to one person, is quite different to what Traditional Toys is to someone else, it is all subjective. Take a look at our Blog and you'll see what we mean. The way we get round this is asking you! We then set about sourcing the toys that matter to you because we know if they matter to you, they matter to other people too.  Here's a few: Metal Cap Gun, Classic Metal Bike Horn, Wind up Tin Toy Robot and Wooden Acrobat Monkey Toy
Green Toys, what's that about?
We're quite excited about these, they tick so many boxes! Firstly, great quality, durable toys Dumper Truck, Airplane that have massive play value Submarine, Tugboat and represent everything that we stand for as far as encouraging imaginative & creative play [Tea set] as well as lots of opportunities to learn through play Stacking Cups are actually volumetric, pour 2 and 3 into 5 and the volume will be exactly right, clever huh?  Secondly, they are made out of....empty, unwanted, recyclable milk cartons! 

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