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for the big kid in all of us

For the big kid in all of us

Quirky, Original and just a little bit different

Kids Pogo Stick

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  • Classic pogo fun, you can do it!
  • Fun to learn, great to get fit
  • Have a break from screens for a while & get on pogo stick!
  • Could be a whole new method of commuting to school!



Kids Pogo Stick

Say go to pogo! Once they hop, they cannot stop. Classic pogo stick, built to last through bounce after fabulous bounce. Balance, fitness, fun; laugh, live. It's that feeling you just can't beat as you get a little better each time from pogo novice to pogo master. Tricky to start (especially for adults) but that's what's so satisfying. All that with not a screen in sight! Who would have thought so much fun could come from one stick, two foot-pegs & two handles? We did!

This quality pogo stick is not only EXTENDABLE but the handles & foot-pegs fold down so it can go anywhere with you. They are so busy having fun they may not realise the improvement in their balance, they will definitely feel the improved fitness though.

Size: ground to footpegs 24cm
Size: ground to handles 85cm

Material: Metal Alloy

Age: Around 5 years and up, never too old to pogo!?

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