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French Skipping

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  • French Skipping is the classic game that's formed a part of many childhoods
  • Remember French Skipping in the playground? (more fun that kissing)
  • England, Ireland, Scotland Wales, inside, outside on!
  • French skipping will keep you fit & it's more fun than staring at a screen



French Skipping

French skipping game has had children entertained in playgrounds across the world for years on end. This brightly coloured elastic has the potential to keep children (and adults) fit, happy and entertained. At my age I am in wonder at the years I spent playing French skipping, so many play times filled at the wonderful Margett Street school in Cottenham (now no more, sadly) with fellow skipping mates. This kind of classic game will surely go on keeping children active for years. Writing this is making me want to have a go, I wonder if my knees will cope! 

Size: 3 metres of elastic, fortunately squished into a little packet

Age: From 3 years until about my age (approaching 50)

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