Starsky… love it or hate it, we sold a personalised name train last week with the name Starsky. You see parents are become more particular about not just the names they choose for their children but also the spelling. Giles with two LL’s - Gilles, RebeKKa, the list goes on.

As unique and different that these name are, these children will grow up being forever being disappointed. The reason? Every single time they search for their name on a stand in a shop, it won’t be their. key-rings, door plaques, hats, you name it.

So now imagine a scenario where this very unique name gets carefully crafted onto a toy. A Personalised London Bus perhaps or a Wooden Cafe Machine, even a hand-made Rag Doll - anything is possible.

Now the table has turned, that feeling of disappointment has long gone because they are now the proud owner of the Gilles Bus Company or making coffee from Rebekka’s Coffee Shop. How terrific are they feeling now?!

Do Personalised Gifts cost more?
Of course. If you have anything that is unique or bespoke, there is a cost involved. We can engrave, print, burnish or embroider onto almost any toy. Typically we can do any of these processes including design and manufacturer for £5 or less which suddenly make for a very attractive gift.

Surely they take ages to make?
Personalised Toys are just that. We take a standard toy that lots of children own and make it unique so you need to allow an extra couple of days for us to create a very special toy. With our choice of Carrier Pigeons, you could have a Personalised Rag Doll within three days - that’s quicker than some companies can offer a standard toy!

Can you personalise any toy?
Almost certainly. Because we have the specialist equipment on site, we can create a magical toy just for you. Check out our current Personalised Gifts to give you some inspiration. Get in touch if you want us to create a very special personalised gift just for you. Call 01933 426365