Why Buy From an Independent?
Why should anyone support their local independent shop if there’s a possibility of finding it slightly cheaper or along with their weekly shop?
Here are a few things to think about:
Margins: Independents still can't buy in bulk, we just don't have the space or the disposable income, yet our prices MUST be competitive. We regularly check our prices to remain competitive, and we offer free delivery. At your convenience.
Corporation Tax: For example, the mighty Amazon ended up with a tax bill of just 3% last year. The government gave them a grant of exactly that same amount of money to buy a new HQ building in Scotland.  Meanwhile:  When I Was a Kid paid the full 20% tax last year, just like every other year, and no, the government gave us no grant. Take a look at the following BBC link! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-20560359
And here we are again with another example http://www.toynews-online.biz/news/read/amazon-s-uk-sales-rocket-to-4-7bn-in-2013/042345 . Amazon has the money (think that through for a moment, from whom?) to pay people to wriggle Amazon's way out of every tax bill. In this case, they have kept £930 million for themselves that would have been destined for the British economy. 
Independents: Need to work hard to keep customers loyal.  You are much more likely to have a great experience. Read our story About Us. At your service.
Contact:  If you need to get in touch, you will have no trouble at all. Simply pick up the phone, you will speak directly to a person who: 
Cares about you
Knows the product
Knows how to help
Won't just pass you on to someone else
Won't leave you 'hanging on'
We can sort it for you, with no frustrating time spent hanging on the phone.
Product Knowledge: Every product is chosen with care and with you in mind, we can't afford to get it wrong. Take a look at Your Favourites, we know what you love because we listen to you.
Marketplace: What do they do?
Display the (our) product on their site
Offer the product for sale
Don't do any of the work (we deal with the order, pack, post & bear the costs)
Charge the small independents around 25%
The small independents are caught ‘over a barrel’ supplying the ‘giants’ who dominate the market.
Imagine a life where the only options are the huge giants? No more personal service, no more real people to connect with or reach out to. Monster companies driven by profit with massive overheads to cover on the one hand; small independents, providing a service, loving what they do & caring about the customer on the other. 
Which option feels right to you?
SUPPORT YOUR INDEPENDENT RETAILER, it is our pleasure to serve you.