So I was thinking, ‘When I Was a Kid’…great name for a business selling Traditional Toys & Wooden Toys but the phrase has so many connotations. The more I think about it, the more light-bulbs switch on, the more opportunities open before my eyes. 
When I was a kid… I had never even seen an orange, or a banana (my mum)
When I was a kid… we used to go round to Aunt Ethel’s to watch the television
When I was a kid… we searched the tip for wheels & stuff to make the best go kart ever!
When I was a kid… I used to walk a mile to school
When I Was a Kid… we played ‘Glarneys’ (Marbles) in the street, for keeps (thanks dad)
When I was a kid… we only had a few toys, but they lasted, we looked after them
When I was a kid… we played outside, all day, on shared bikes if we were lucky enough! (bone shakers)
When I was a kid… We bred white mice & sold them for sixpence (the old tanner)
When I was a kid… we made our own entertainment, made up plays, built dens, climbed trees
When I was a kid… we did this:
Then challenged our friends to do it too:
And if it went wrong, we kept trying:
You ever tried? Maybe for you it was something completely different, what makes you look back & smile…when YOU were a kid?
The possibilities are endless, what’s important is we hold on to those memories and don’t let them fade, they are part of history, part of our history.
So, how would you finish the sentence?
When I was a kid…
Why don’t you ask your nearest & dearest the same question, get to know them a little bit more!