And so it began...
On Saturday July 11th 2015, the wonderful, eclectic businesses of Trinity Street shouted from the rooftops (well OK, the windows), 'Shoppers of the world, don't forget your Independents!' It was really something to behold. 
Trinity Street, Cambridge is possibly one of the most frequently visited places on the tourist map.  Summers see a tide of tourists from across the globe, cameras held aloft, selfie sticks extended, mouths open as they discover this jewel of Cambridge. And that's all very nice, BUT...  Around the corner lie the mighty giants, the multiples, with a limitless pot of resources to draw from to attract their prey. Cambridge locals flock in their thousands in to the shopping centres then, conscious of the parking charges, hurry home.
How do the independents compete with that?  Well allow me to let you in to the secret! We have magic! We have individuality, we have surprises, we have style & yes, we have grace. 
Trinity Street Live celebrated all of that individuality & more as independents had their chance to show off!  We don't have to follow the crowd, to conform and just be like another retailer you see, that's part of what makes us special. During Trinity St Live if you entered our amazing street you'd have seen live yoga, a flash mob, a chance for some free physiotherapy [Sweaty Betty] a real wooden toy maker, [When I Was a Kid toy shop] crafting, [Brora & Jacks] wonderful food & drink to taste [Coast, The Vaults], a live DJ [Dogfish], window dressing [Anthony] and we hear tell, if you looked you'd have seen a Gruffalo. 
We hope this will become a regular feature on Cambridge's calendar.  We can't, and wouldn't want to, compete with the giants by enticing you in to rifle through rails & shelves of cheap, previously unwanted goods.  What we can do, is to remind our cherished customers that independents have so much more to offer, use us or lose us.