…In a busy, city centre toy shop.  Where to start!? Maybe at the end…we survived!

Let’s skip to the beginning now…

When I Was a Kid Trinity Street opened its doors to the wonderful people of Cambridge who have welcomed us with open arms and have inspired us to keep doing our very best. What’s been easiest? Spending time in the shop and meeting people.

What’s been the most challenging? Actually, finding staff that fit, we had high expectations, it takes someone really special and it isn’t something you learn in a classroom, or a lecture theatre come to that.  We’ve come to realise that you either have it or you haven’t, the WIWAK sparkle. The really great news is, we have a fantastic team at Trinity Street, all of whom have it!

Christmas is a challenge in a cosy toy shop, things get a whole lot cosier and there are a lot of balances to get right: staffing, stock levels, product choices, enough change in the till…the list could go on. There is a huge amount of pressure, none more than the pressure of not letting anyone be disappointed on Christmas morning.  We hope we’ve done a good job at it. Here’s what we did:

  Listened to our customers

  Searched for toys you wanted and some you didn’t know you wanted

  Made the WIWAK experience as special and memorable as possible

   Scoured catalogues to find new & exciting toys & gifts that would put smiles on faces

  Worked hard to go beyond the call of duty & make dreams a reality

We found exciting new toys: Bathtime Duck Shoot Make your own Rabbit, Make your own Pony, Super Shooter Rubber Band Gun and brought new life to some old ones Fortune Teller Kit, Wooden Go-Kart and Fisher Price Chatter Telephone to name but a few.  The most exciting thing is, we never have to stop, there will always be toys from when we, and you, were kids. You can join us, let us know about the toys that brought magic into your world Contact Us

As exhausting as it was we have learned a great deal and have a solid foundation on which to build dreams, yours and ours.  We look forward to it.

Thank you one and all for your continued support, as ever, we’ll continue to work hard to deserve it.