Firstly, it’s a great question, totally understandable that you would ask.  The simplest way to answer it is, try it for yourself and you will very quickly know the answer, you will just know. But never mind that, we’d just love the chance to talk about it and it is our blog so where better than here?!
The Inspiration behind it is a book by Tony Hsieh called ‘Delivering Happiness’, it’s life-changing stuff, if you want it to be. Imagine an everyday, normal encounter…someone knocks into you in a busy shop. It could go one of two ways, you could react badly, ‘Oy, what did you do that for?’ Or, you could react well, ‘Oops, are you OK there?’ We don’t need to carry on each story, you can imagine it yourself for each scenario, it happens all the time. One will end well resulting in people feeling good; one will end badly with people feeling angry & upset. 
Our Random Acts of Kindness are about making people feel good, for no payback, no return, it isn’t about marketing & we expect nothing from it.  What we hope is, one day, some of the recipients of these acts will PAY IT FORWARD. It is like planting a seed of something special, it grows and if nurtured, will keep growing.  People learn from experience how they felt when someone was kind to them for no reason, it’s a good feeling, they want other people to experience it too, and so on and so on…the world just became a better place. 
So what do we do?  Well there’s no script, no list, no plan, it’s just whatever feels right for the occasion. There’s nothing more special than a new life, we celebrate that this way
We heard about a group of 18 Belarussian children who come to England each year on a programme of recuperative care away from the Chernobyl radiation, . We popped in to deliver a watch each, these kids have nothing, the watches made their day.
The best RAKs for us are the unexpected ones, something we know will put a smile on faces & a warm feeling in hearts. We love it & we fully intend to carry on, it’s a beautiful thing spreading magic & we’re privileged to do it.
Why not give it a try, it doesn’t have to cost anything, just a simple, thoughtful act that makes someone feel special. Secretly weeding a pensioners garden, carrying bags for someone who is struggling, give up your seat for the pregnant lady on the bus…all cost nothing but the rewards are great indeed, you just became a better person. 
Let us know your ideas & how you got on…