So why do we do it? Why are we constantly searching for more toys to share? Our magical toy box is pretty full already.  
Answer: We love what we do, we love hearing how much joy our toys are bringing to so many lives, we will never tire of that!  The truth is, if it makes you happy, it makes us happy; money can’t buy that. It’s a fast paced world, so many people are too busy, ‘time poor’ as we now call it. It feels as though there is no time to stop and enjoy the moment, or to reflect on the magic moments of happy times gone by. For us, what is magical is when we hear from customers telling us how seeing and playing with those toys has been so special, and so important for them as they reclaim the magic of their childhood. This can only be topped by hearing how today’s children are gaining so much by playing with ‘proper toys, toys that let little imaginations grow big’! 
Here’s the thing! We have realised that the toys that we remember from when we were kids, aren’t the same toys that brought magic to others, when they were kids! Our parents tell us about a hoop & stick, an acrobat monkey, spinning top, tiddlywinks. We remember  Fisher Price Record Players, Pull along Dogs, Wooden Train Sets. But this is only a tiny part of the story, the tip of the iceberg!  What about for all of the people in between, before, after & in the future? What were the toys that created magic for them?
We suspect our future generations won’t be looking back at their childhoods with a misty eyed smile, fondly remembering their Game Boy. Much more likely, it will be those rare moments of playing outside, with some mates.  How much fun would that have been with a Metal Cap Gun a Wooden Pistol Crossbow or Wooden Toy Catapult set
And so the quest continues; we hope it will never end! There are more and more generations to come, complete with memories & their own personal quest to re-claim the magic that toys brought to their childhoods. 
So here is the list, the toys we have recently found, for your enjoyment….
Classic Subbuteo Official Pitch Set - Subbuteo is back! In time for the World Cup, fingers ready?  
Etch a Sketch Toy - Etch a Sketch! It’s back! Let imaginations pour onto the screen
Kids Pogo Stick - Fresh air, fitness, fun Let them master pogo, reckon you still can?
Slinky Dog Toy - He knows how cute he is so let’s not say it too loud, keep slinking Slinky
Shaker Maker - Shaker-Maker? The gift that keeps giving! Keep them busy…enjoy!
Wooden Toy Catapult Set - Not just a catapult, wooden balls & tin targets too!
Wooden Retro Robots - Flexi-fiddly-fun-friend £3 for uber-cool robot collect now!
Wooden Jointed Snake - Psssst! Classsic wooden sssnake Only £2? Buy lotsss!
What do you think? Are these the right toys for you?  Can you find that special toy that gave you so many hours of entertainment?  Let us know! If you can’t, we will try to find it for you, if you can, we’d love to hear about it.