Today we went to Springfields, a retail outlet near Spalding.  We're on holibobs nearby & needed a few things, chiefly a firelighter, some matches and a new road atlas.  After a fruitless search we found ourselves thinking, 'what we need is a Woolworths'.  Have you ever had that same thought?  
It got me thinking, if 'Woolies' was really that useful, how come they went under? Possibly because what they stocked may have been useful, practical, not easily available elsewhere, but thinking about it, once you'd bought whatever it was, you no longer needed it! That was the kind of thing you went to Woolies for, peg baskets, ironing board covers, cheap & cheerful birthday gifts. 
So many wonderful retail 'giants' of our childhood days are now consigned to mere memories: Rumbelows, Iron-mongers, Cobblers, the corner shop. Now project forward 10 years, who else can you imagine on that same list?  Tragically, with the monster supermarkets dominating the retail skyline of our communities, it could be every wonderful, magical, unique small business you take for granted will always be there. 
So we could try it, we could all compile a list of those 'need-it-but-tricky-to-find-it' items on this Blog, for posterity (or some bright spark might take the initiative & open the 'Everything you ever needed but couldn't find' store! I suspect what we'd end up with, is a reincarnation of a stock list for Woolworths!

Tell us what would be on your list?