We need to face facts, children now are surrounded, almost suffocated by 'entertainment' from all angles.  It's there, at the touch of a button at their fingertips and on demand. Let's think for a minute about the changes from when we were kids...

Children's television began soon after we walked home from school and we were completely entertained by Rhubarb & Custard, Captain Pugwash & Blue Peter. Then the test card appeared, we had our tea at the table then went out to play, with our mates.

What did we do?  We built dens, out of anything we saw, we rode our bikes, we played with a bat and a ball (yes it really did develop hand eye coordination) and we knew we had to be home when it got dark. We fell over, but we got up; we fell out, but we made up; we fell in love, over & over again. We learned about people, feelings, our limits, we learned how to have fun, we knew when we had crossed the line from fun to naughty (mostly).

Enough of the trip down memory lane...life is different now, we need to accept that, but do we really have to live that way? Just suppose you set aside some golden time that the imagination stealing screens played no part in, don't panic! Here are a few ideas:

Junk modelling

Den building (dust sheets draped over anything)

Get on your bike

Scavenger hunt

Dress up & perform

Stories...read, write, make up, perform

Assault course in the house or garden

Snail racing

Well I could go on...but I think by now you will have things to add...go ahead, let's share and spread the fun far & wide.  What we want is to make everyone's 'When I Was a Kid', magic.