When I Was a Kid has been working hard to preserve the magic of childhood for over 9 years. Traditional Toys & Wooden Toys that have so much to offer simply shouldn’t be discarded. Every day at the When I Was a Kid toy shop contains adventure & excitement in a variety of forms! In amongst the huge satisfaction of making so many people smile there are the learning curves, big and small of trying to keep up in a rapidly changing world. Therein lies the oxymoron. Here we are, a little toy shop with big ideas; preserving the past whilst embracing the future; providing a service for the young at heart with a product for the young, where to begin!
It starts and ends with the customer, everything in between is driven with the customer in mind. Adopting Tony Hsei’s ethos of building the business customer by customer & focusing on each one as an individual, When I Was a Kid is thankfully doing OK in a very competitive market. It takes effort to maintain excellence as standard but where we especially excel, is pulling that extra special something out of the bag at those times when things don’t go to plan, that’s our chance to really show what we’re made of. Surprising a customer with a ‘same day delivery’, making the experience stand out as memorable, unique, making each customer feel valued, really valued, that requires effort, and care, that’s what we do every day. 
With technology moving on at a dizzying pace, the challenging part for a small business is acquiring the skills necessary to remain visible, let alone prominent. We are standing alongside giants with huge budgets and the power to keep those budgets huge by avoiding tax.  We don’t have those resources, but on those terms we don’t want them.  Perhaps equally as challenging is accepting one’s own limitations and finding the right person to ‘plug the gaps’; it’s a jungle out there! There’s no shortage of people who claim to have the skills we are lacking, we’ve discovered in the past that is often not the case.  Until there is some regulation of the industry that exposes the charlatans, we are all in danger of finding out the hard way.
So, to fellow independents like us, we salute you. Focus on your own business but with half an eye on your competition, be the best you can be with an understanding of how not to be like the worst, play the long game whilst being exceptional in the short game and be wise in your dealings. Independents need to be around for years to come, not closing down and forcing the public into the jaws of the giants. Good luck, may the force be with you!