About Us
At school I am not sure that we’d ever even spoken; Paul was a boy, Nicola was a girl, so why would we?! 
Fast forward almost 30 years, via a couple of reunions and we were friends on Facebook, nothing outstanding so far. One day, in 2013 we had struck up a seemingly insignificant conversation and to this day, Nicola still can’t think how it came about, but come about it did…insignificant became significant like we could never have dreamed.
Paul was prompted to email Nicola asking her to first ‘visit’ the shop TAKE A TOUR (the order really mattered). The next task on the list was to pay a visit to the website, and to REALLY look at it, and then to feed back. And so our story began. This bit Paul doesn’t know, Nicola at first rolled her eyes & thought, ‘I really don’t have time for this’. In her mind, this was going to be a quick look, passing a few pearls of wisdom (after all, what did she know?) then back to her busy life without a backward glance. Nicola had badly underestimated Paul’s tenacity, his daring, his belief in the dream, and the magic of When I Was a Kid. 
So, Nicola’s virtual visit to the toy shop took longer than anticipated, the magic, and the dream was there in all its glory from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. A little corner of magic in Wellingborough for everyone, the tiniest kids to the biggest kids, magic on every shelf.  But then Nicola came to the website.  Hmmmm. Plain white (!) background with stark images and the most unimaginative words used, all to describe the most imaginative, magical, inspiring toys ever, it was a tragedy! 
And then it came to the feedback! Nicola started off really quite polite (remember they were merely Facebook friends) but Paul pushed (cue the tenacity mentioned earlier) until in the end, Nicola shot from the hip, told it like it was. ‘So how should I do it?’ he asked. Nicola wasn’t totally sure how to explain, so she did it through words, and re-wrote the home page, from this: HOME PAGE to this www.wheniwasakid.co.uk. Paul loved it, and perhaps didn’t realise that Nicola, had got the bug. That was the moment life kick-started for Nicola, this felt like she was born to do it. 
Paul, pussy-footing around, tentatively asked Nicola if she could write more, maybe the ‘About Us’ page? Again, the story of WIWAK spilled out onto the screen at a rate of knots as Nicola brought it to life. Next came the toys, and here is the magic.  The toys are so special, amazing, wonderful, each with a magical story to tell. Each spoke to Nicola & told their story, all Nicola did was get it onto the page, so Paul could get it on to the site. The first was the Personalised Wooden Name Train and the journey continued…meant to be. 
Since then each & every toy has now had its chance to tell its story, Traditional Toys, Wooden Toys, Traditional Games, Your Favourites, Something Quirky. New toys are joining in the fun daily; the When I Was a Kid toy box keeps filling and the website has become the magical place it deserves to be. We know it’s magic, our wonderful & cherished customers regularly take it upon themselves to call the shop especially to tell us, almost daily…now that, is special. 
Watch this space, the magic goes on…