Greetings fellow shoppers, fellow human beings, fellow members of society.
Well, it has been six months since opening the beautifully carved wooden doors of 19 trinity Street, Cambridge. We have greeted people from the far corners of the globe, from all walks of life & from more races & religions than we could ever have imagined. Every one of you is welcome, and pretty much, every one of you has been welcomed. Why? We are genuinely pleased to see every single person who has come to experience the magic of When I Was a Kid for themselves, and, it is how shops were ‘When I Was a Kid’.
It’s been a journey of discovery and one that has at times left us thrilled, over the moon, warm, a bit mushy inside and, on occasion, slightly bemused! In years gone by one wouldn’t have dreamt of walking into the local store without greeting the friendly shop-keeper & often passing the time of day with famously for the British, at least commenting on the weather. The bare minimum would have been a cheery ‘hello’ and ‘bye-bye/tara/see-ya’; the visit to the local shops was an important part of the social scene in most societies.
We’ve noticed a bit of a change! Have you noticed? One wouldn’t dream of saying ‘Good morning’ to a stranger, unless of course both parties had a dog with them, then it is OK! I know, it isn’t surprising, people are busy, we all have many demands on our time & attention; we are part of a less trusting society which is painfully aware of the dangers that lurk out there. But what we have noticed is there are people who, on hearing our bright & cheery ‘Hiya/Hello/Morning’ either look at us as though we have two heads, or ignore us completely and try to get passed as quickly as possible for fear they will be obligated to buy something.
So, we are proud to say, when we say ‘hiya/hello/morning’ or anything like that, we are simply greeting our valued & cherished, lovely customers; being polite, friendly & welcoming you all warmly to our wonderful toy shop selling traditional toys. Not only that, isn’t it just plain nice to feel wanted! Why not just enjoy the welcome, the fun and recapture the magic of yesteryear, when we all valued good service, a friendly face & a warm welcome…as well as a bit of a gossip.
We look forward to seeing you, expect us to say ‘hello’, it is all part of the experience of When I Was a Kid.
What do you think? Should we start a ‘be more friendly’ campaign!? Tell us about the places that make you feel welcome.