Here is a small snapshot of a new survey of over 1,600 women by Working Mums which reveals some interesting facts... for the full survey click here

Why do mums go back to work?

As reflected in other questions, the overriding reason mums seem to return to work is that they need the money (93%). However, emotional factors seem to play a part – 72% want to work to boost their self esteem, 63% want adult company and 54% want to get out of the house. Career factors also play a part – 53% want to continue on their set career path, and 83% enjoy their job.

Working full time 79% say that homeworking for some of the time would encourage them to work full time. Other factors which would encourage mums to return to full time work include;

-Flexible working hours - 74%
-Finding a job close to home - 68%
-Job Satisfaction - 58%
-Working term time only - 55%
-Understanding employer - 48%
-Cheaper childcare - 46%
-Compressed Hours - 43%

Family friendly policies and flexible working rights Offering flexible hours for full time jobs, and allowing some regular work at home both came out top in terms of what our parents think makes for a family friendly employer (85% and 82%).

Other factors and their ratings; Offering part time jobs - 76%, allowing short notice holidays to be taken (for sickness cover for example) - 76%, offering more flexibility during school holidays - 74%, helping with childcare - 67%. Only 31% thought extending the maternity pay period makes for a family friendly company. 68% of our audience were aware of the extension of the flexible working rights for parents, or had some idea about it.

What is hard about going back to work?

Overall our mums thought most aspects of being a working mum were on the difficult side – 68% said arranging childcare/after school care was very difficult, or difficult. 72% thought leaving the children was difficult, 59% said that getting everyone ready to leave on a working day was hard, 42% think fitting in all work related tasks is difficult, 67% say fitting in all home related tasks is hard. And 27% agree that dealing with comments and/or a strained atmosphere from co workers was hard.

Why should employers employ working mums?

We asked our working mums why they thought employers should employ working mums. Here is a selection of their responses;

“On a per hours basis they are more productive than other employees as they have to multi task.”

“Experience, commitment, focus - why not?”

“Commitment - most working mums put in double the effort for a flexible post that allows them to work around their children.”

“Contrary to the beliefs of some, mums often choose to go back to work because they want to be there for personal fulfilment.”

“we get more done in less time - better value for money!!”

“They are just as conscientious regarding their work as any other employee with no children.”

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