Three quarters of parents have cut back on luxuries in the last six months, but are most likely to reduce spending on themselves rather than on their children, according to a survey.

The survey of 1,650 working mums found that socialising and clothes were the main areas people had made cutbacks - 73% were going out less, and 62% admitted to cutting back on clothing purchases. Almost 50% had reduced spending on holidays and personal grooming, and had cut back the amount they were saving. However, fewer had cut back on spending on their children - only 26% spending less on treats and days out, 18% cutting back on clothes and toys and 15% on children's activities.

The majority questioned were also less likely to charge things to a credit card in the current economic climate, although 23% claimed they were more likely to use a credit card during the recession.

Some 65% of the working mums surveyed said they had holidayed in the UK in the last 12 months, with a smaller percentage - 46% - visiting Europe and a mere 25% other countries in the world. For UK holidays, hotels seemed most popular, followed by self-catering properties, caravans, camping and holiday villages. Of those holidaying abroad 30% used the major holiday firms - the rest arranged their holidays independently using the internet or independent agents.

Working parents seem to also be making significant use of the internet for their shopping requirements - 99% had use of a PC or laptop at home and 72% buy clothes and shoes online. Some 58% purchase books via the internet, 57% purchase toys online, and 50% buy groceries via the internet.