Play was something you did mostly outdoors and you would spend hours riding around on your bike (which had no gears) playing cops and robbers, making dens in your back garden or playing “kiss chase” and “postman’s knock”. Sometimes you’d sit outside and cut out the dolls in the back of “Bunty” magazine.

If you were a girl, you might have had a Tressy doll with extendable locks, a “Sooty” teddy that was riding his own tricycle and Barbie’s cousin Francie who would flutter her “real” eyelashes at anyone who passed by.

You spent your days creating masterpieces in water colour paints and on your Spirograph while listening to the sound of a slide projector in the background as your parents watched slide films.

Your brother had a collection of Model aircraft kits, a model railway set, toy guns and holsters and a cricket bat and stumps set. Your sister had a tea set with flowers on it, a Xylophone.

When you went to school the teacher would sometimes get out the Playpax which you’d spend ages trying to put together into the shape of a house, tower and aeroplane!

Your big sister read a magazine called “Valentine” and covered her clothes in the iron on pictures of Cliff Richard that she found inside! She was also a whizz at Cats Cradle. You were busy watching a new programme called Play School that featured lots of different shaped windows.

You remember mankind taking it’s first steps on the moon and you celebrated by bouncing around on your space hopper. The celebrities of the time were Petula Clark, Lulu, The Beatles, Dr Who, Audrey Hepburn and Chi-Chi the panda. Oh, and the Thunderbirds were GO!

If you can think of anymore things that you remember as a 60’s child, please let us know! We’d love to hear from you!