As the weather begins to get chillier and chillier at this time of the year, people start to remember the traditions from their childhoods, activities they used to enjoy as winter descended upon their community.
If you are a parent I’m sure you will already have begun sharing these with your children in some way. If we step outside our doors, we’ll see men raking up leaves into giant piles of browns and burnt oranges. They will be piled up high on the side of the road... until a group of children come along in their wellies to leap into them, kicking and spreading them back all over the pavement again!
People go for strolls wrapped up in scarves, bobble hats and gloves and later on in the year you can see the puffs of breathe in the cold air.
This age old scene is one which you will see played out along streets and lanes everywhere, as well as in the memories of those that once enjoyed these moments as a child. Cool weather traditions are just as common now as they were in days gone by; however, the traditions of the 21st century may be slightly different.
No one can deny that as our surroundings change colour from greens into browns along with the temperature drop, and men begin to think more about football and hunting. It’s as if the cooler weather causes some kind of chemical reaction in men, causing their testosterone to rise and bringing about the need to chase some opponent or poor unsuspecting animal.
However confusing the tradition may be to the women in their lives, the Autumn and Winter still provide a good time to allow the men-folk to purge the rowdiness from their systems in preparation for the rest of winter with its slow lull. We all have our own traditions - canning, cooking, shopping for gifts and generally preparing for Christmas are common activities that we enjoy. The natural tendency of a woman at this time is to store and nest, making sure that there is plenty to go around for the winter months. These traditions have been passed down from generation to generation, just like a great family recipe is!
What are the memories that spring to mind for you as the Winter draws in? Perhaps it is your grandmas home-made apple pie? Or maybe just picking apples from a tree to give to grandma for her home-made apple pie?
When was the last time you enjoyed a long walk, listening to the crunching sound of the leaves underfoot? However long it’s been why not get out into the fresh, crisp air and do that today? While you’re out and about, how about enjoying a local car boot sale? Not only will you be able to spend the day in the fresh air, but you might also find some great bargains – perhaps even something that will spark a memory from your own childhood and make you smile?
Something might inspire you to share autumn stories from your childhood with your own children too. Traditions are important whether they are based around autumn, winter or any other event or time of year and that’s why every family has them. It might be burning leaves along the side of the road after the children have had their fun in them or enjoying a walk in nature.
If you don’t have a family tradition, there is no time like the present to create a new one with your children. Let them lead the way and get creative with what they would like to introduce. Not only will it help you to reconnect with your family, you might just be starting a special family tradition that will last as long as grandma’s home-made apple pie.
And don’t let the cold put you off! Wrap up warm and pop on some welly boots! Umbrellas will keep those showers at bay too! Young Winter Explorers are bound to love these wooden animal umbrellas!