There are a myriad of toys on the market these days, whenever you turn on the television you are bombarded with all the latest offerings from the toy manufacturing giants and it can be very hard to keep up with what’s in and what’s out! Lately it seems that children are becoming more and more interested in the higher tech toys like games consoles and anything branded with the latest TV trends (Ben 10, Bakugan etc) is always popular too, but how long will these toys be around?

There are a few more traditional choices that have really stood the test of time and which remain popular choices for children the world over years after their original introduction. At When I was a Kid we think that these are the toys that really have the X Factor! Take the Russian doll for example. Here you have a simple doll, usually made of wood, when you take the doll apart you find a number of smaller dolls nestled inside that all fit inside one another! This is a popular concept which has been repeated many times since it’s origins in Russia in 1890 but the original dolls still hold children (and adults for that matter) captivated for hours on end.

And how about this for a toy that has stood the test of time? The yo-yo. I remember practising (and failing horribly most of the time) all sorts of tricks in the garden with my yoyo as a child. “Walking the dog” and the “Three Leaf” for example. The yo-yo had a huge resurge in popularity in the 1990s, but has remained steadily popular ever since. Yoyo’s can hold a child’s attention for quite some time (even in the midst of Wii consoles and the like) and being small and costing very little, they also make fantastic party bag fillers too! We’d love to hear from you about your favourite toys (traditional and otherwise)!

Get in touch and let us know what your children are asking for this Christmas too! Is it all about the high tech and heavily branded?