What sort of sweets do you remember from your childhood? Here are some of the ones that are considered “retro” today – please pop us an email if you can think of any others!

· Love Hearts – the classic sweets with love notes on them
· Sherbet – you either love it or you hate it!
· Rainbow Drops – a bit like tiny rice krispies in very bright colours!
· Double Dip – fizzy stuff in two flavours with a swizzle stick to dip in them
· Fruity Pop – the lollies wrapped in “fruit” wrappers like strawberries etc... remember those?
· Refresher – chewy fizzy lemon bars
· Drumstick – raspberry and milk flavour chewy lollies!
· Parma violets – those tiny little lavender flavoured pill sized sweets in a finger roll
· Fizzers – the Parma violets more popular sibling... the famous fizzy roll
· Double lollies – the UK’s oldest lolly brand




Which ones have we missed?