Your sister owned all sorts of different coloured scrunchies, wore waistcoats, a mood ring, a Swatch Pop watch, stick on earrings and dreamt about going to a Smash Hits concert.

She thought she was in love with one of the “New Kids on the Block” and she knew all the moves to the Macarena and also to MC Hammers “Can’t Touch This” which she'd practice with a large group of her friends after school and at every given moment in front of a mirror or large window.
Your brother used to sport oversized plastic dummies around his neck... and thought he looked seriously cool while he played "Mortal Kombat".

You used to go to roller discos before rollerblades were even invented. You used to make compilation tapes for all your friends... and at least one of them will feature the songs “Rhythm is a Dancer”, "Ice, Ice Baby" and “What is Love”.
You remember when everyone went slinky crazy.

The words "Talk to the hand ... enough said" - actually means something to you.
Oh and one word “Baywatch” - if you were a girl you wished you were one of the female characters and if you were a boy you didn't even notice that there were any male ones!