Millions of people were glued to their televisions last night to find of which of the three remaining acts would become the winner of the X Factor 2010!
After Simon Cowell lost his final act, One Direction at the last hurdle the tension was palpable as it dawned on us all that it had come down to Rebecca Ferguson and Matt Cardle – the two vocalists (and favourites) who had stood out as world class acts from the moment they first auditioned.
As they sang their final songs it struck me again how genuine and down to earth these two come across. Although styled for the show there is very little of the unapproachable / impossibly perfect / unobtainable image that so many celebrities of today have. These are two “real people” with real talent who seem to wear their hearts on their sleeves.
It’s a case of what you see is what you get. They both seem to hold family values very high up on their priority lists too – Rebecca is the mother of two young children who must be very proud of mummy right now and after his win Matt Cardle was pictured celebrating with his family on stage.
I wonder if what we are seeing here is a shift away from all the hyped up, over styled acts that have become so popular in recent years and back to raw talent delivered from people who connect with their audience on every level because anyone can relate to them, they are every day people who appeal to other every day people – a bit like superstar John Lennon did?
While I’m on the subject of the X Factor I would like to take the opportunity here to congratulate my friend Charis Slade of Name Art for her incredible achievement... Charis has recently designed the logo for Matt Cardle, the X Factor winner! This amazing opportunity is the cherry on the cake for Charis after a whirlwind few months spent on Twitter with Dannii Minogue!
When Dannii had her baby boy Ethan earlier this year, Charis created a beautiful canvas picture of a kangaroo with his name built into it and sent it to Dannii, tweeting her to see if it had arrived. Dannii Minogue tweeted back to say she loved it and asked Charis to create something to brighten up the X Factor backstage area. She also ordered a hoody for baby Ethan too!
It was lovely to be able to watch the story developing on Twitter with tweets going back and forth between Team Minogue and Charis! The icing on the cake came when Dannii asked Charis to design the logo for Matt Cardle! The canvas is a picture of Matt holding a microphone which is made up of his name and it looks great (she's even done a Christmas version)! Dannii tweeted video of herself and Matt celebrating shortly after Saturday’s final and the canvas was in the background!
You couldn’t have planned it better! Well done Charis – it looks like 2011 is going to be a fantastic year for you and you deserve it! You can visit Charis' site here.