When I was a kid and the yawning six weeks summer holidays were upon us it seemed like we played outside all day long.  There was just too much to do; riding round the block on my bike, picking at the tar that held the drain in place in the road, drawing pictures on the path in the garden or in the alley with chalk and a gang of us going to the park four streets away.

Gangs were not the feared groups of youths that they are now.  If you were in a gang you were a member of a club.  Our club house was in my dad's garage - the garage door even had two small holes near the handle that were just big enough to aim a pea shooter through.

There seemed to be so much more freedom back then, didn't there?  Is it just me or did it feel like you were out from first thing in the morning, back for a bit of lunch, straight out for another adventure with friends, home for tea then in the bath, leaving a dirty great black ring when the water drained away?  You went to bed ready to start over again the next day.

What about you?  What was your favourite childhood outdoor game?  Let us know in the comments section as this month, When I Was A Kid is concentrating on outdoor play.  What adventures can our children have that remind US of our childhood?  I have selected three products from the When I Was A Kid Outdoor Play section to share with you.

The Wigwam Play Tent is the WIWAK Outdoor Play Toy Of The Month and it reminds me of the "caves" we used to make under the kitchen table using a blanket.  Is it a wigwam?  Is it a teepee?  Wigwam? Teepee?  Oh, this is too tense!! Well, it's not two tents, it's just the one and priced at £59.00 (with free delivery) it's a great treat for garden play for these summer holidays.  Have a look at the great reviews its received already!

This traditional style wooden toddler swing just makes me want to squeal with nostalgia.  I had one almost the same, hung from a tree in our back garden.  This one, made from solid wood with a super strong nylon rope, retails at £15.00 and will guarantee safe, fun play.

Finally, I'm not sure who will get more fun out of this.  This giant version of the traditional game Pick Up Sticks is great for the garden.  Priced at £12.00, this will be a great source of fun for the family barbecue and will probably ensure that the party carries on much longer than you thought.  How steady is your hand?
(We've also got the smaller version available too!)

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