When I was a kid I remember my Dad would occasionally deliver the bedtime story. He never read from a book because my sister and I demanded another episode from the life of the "Jellybottom" family. All I can remember about these stories is that there were three bears and they had very fat bottoms... and they wobbled along the road causing havoc.
No-one else had these stories told to them but what I fell in love with was the storytelling; the way each character had a different 'voice' and the fact that the stories were personalised (made up on the spot, more likely). Once the story was finished, we were tucked into bed, a story tape or record (yes, I'm really old) was put on and we were left to drift off to sleep to the dulcet tones of Wendy Craig narrating Beatrix Potter stories or Danny Kaye singing Inchworm.
And that routine has stayed with me for the rest of my life. I wind down by reading a book and then plug myself into my mp3 player and listen to a podcast or audio book before I actually settle down to sleep. I have passed it onto my children too. But is it better than or just as bad as letting them watch a DVD/video or play on their Nintendo DS before they nod off? When does the brain actually switch off?
What about you?
What was your bedtime routine as a child and have you replicated that with your child(ren)?
Let us know in the comments section.
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