When I was a kid, I looked forward to the first day of term after the achingly long summer holiday. Fresh new uniform and the comparison of new shoes. Maybe an update with friends that I hadn't seen for six weeks and new stationery! Then there were the new exercise books and the countdown to the half term break. I know... I was very strange!

As parents you struggle to keep the children entertained over the summer holidays, although, you've had WIWAK Outdoor Play Toys to keep you occupied this year, haven't you? Did you long for the first day of term to come around or have you been dreading the peace and quiet? Are you sending your child off to school or nursery for the very first time this year? And what about you? Did you love or hate school? Let us know in the comments section.

This month, we're looking at back to school equipment and educational toys - toys that encourage learning whilst playing. I have selected three products from the When I Was A Kid traditional toy section to share with you:
My son has this vintage school bag earmarked on his Christmas list (funny how trends come round again, isn't it?). It has a fully adjustable strap, is made of waterproof, man-made material and has three pockets which are great for school books, calculators and mobile phones. And, as a price comparison, is half the price of the ones we have seen in the sports shop in our town centre.

Whether your children are going to a party or whether you need to make up party bags of your own, there is loads of choice in the Party Bag Toys section. And yes, I'm going to say the dreaded word now... CHRISTMAS... Why not start putting aside some little stocking or cracker fillers using the great discounts available when you bulk buy from this section?

This wooden dice game encourages mental maths and decision making. Using basic numeracy skills you have think about the different number combinations possible from the throw of a dice to eliminate all the numbers and "Shut The Box"

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