The wonderful Naomi at The Kids Coach wrote a blog earlier this year about Family Time and reading it got me thinking about how a Daddy needs to have that children dialogue too... So once every 3 weeks, I take one on my daughters out for a Daddy Daughter Breakfast which is a great time to have a catch up and talk through life. The Agenda is entirely down to them, they are allowed to ask me anything they want including stuff about the business and I will give them a totally honest answer. By having it as open as this, they cant help but ask questions and that really opens up all sorts of stuff including their feelings or how they would solve a problem I have so the benefit has been truly massive to the point where they now come along with a list! The only rule we have is that whatever we discuss is never shared with Mummy which has bought out some very interesting subjects :)
With the kind permission of Naomi, here is the original blog in full:
Family Night
A busy family with time constraints and a crazy schedule can provide little opportunity for children and their parents to talk and communicate effectively. Through speaking and listening parents are able to learn the wants and needs of their kids and are able to diffuse arguments and problems quickly. Parents can get to grips with what is going on in their childrens lives and keep up with their emotional and behavioural changes as well as their interests. The only solution for busy lives is to make time.
If you don’t family communication will not happen. It may not always be easy to sit down for dinner and have a ‘how was your day?’ chat. It may be that you can find other opportunities to talk to your children. Perhaps in the car on a journey, or when you are making dinner together, doing homework or you might talk while watching television together. There is less pressure on you both to have a conversation which seems forced and more relaxed. And more relaxed means your children may want to share more information with you and listen to what you have to say.
What time do you find most effective to communicate and have a good chat with your children?
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