We have been awarded and commended for our approach to Customer Service over the last few years and recently we have another opportunity to set ourselves apart from the pack.

Lot's of you have contacted me with your horror stories about really shoddy customer service so I thought it would be a great idea to present you with one of our recent examples to see what you would do if you were managing a business...

The Scenario
We sell a Ride-on Retro Racer that includes a personalised set of stickers with the child's name on the side and their initials on the rear number plate.
We stick these on for the customer before the car is delivered because we want the first impression to be WOW. This means we have to take the car out of it's custom polytyrene housing and unwrap it.
We were doing just such a task for a car ordered by Hector Eden for his nephew Hugo when I noticed some blemishes on the silver paint at the rear of the car. To be honest, I only noticed because I was working on the rear to apply the number plate and the marks were not horrendous but even so the car was not perfect.
I then pulled the other six silver cars from the shelf, and they were all the same. After talking to the US company that make the car, it became clear that the whole batch of 1200 cars were affected.
What Would You Do?
So that's the situation I was faced with. As the owner of the business with a customer waiting patiently for his order, Christmas looming and one little boy that will light up at the sight of this gorgeous little car - what would you do next?
I'm not going to preach right or wrong but I would love to hear what you guys would do in my position faced with this situation. Please try and be honest and not second guess what you think I did and if you really don't want to play along, that's cool and you can see my reply here:

Please leave me a comment, it would mean SO much to hear from you.
Kind regards, Paul. Daddy & Owner, When I Was a Kid.