The Warner Family have just discovered Pucket - and it's fair to say we LOVE it.... and you will too!

The Pucket Game throws away the rule book when it comes to taking turns. You go head to head in a battle of skill and verbal jousting as you race to clear your side of the board and at the same time the player oppositte is doing exactly the same. You are both trying to catapult your pucks through the same hole at the same time but only one can fit - who will prevail? Pucket wouldnt be Pucket unless you shout and jeer your opponent, it really is a fantastic family game.
Hand-crated in India from Shesham and Haldu Wood, the Pucket Game is truly one of the best board games we have ever seen.

The Pucket Game contains:
1 x Playing Board 16 x Pucks housed in a cotton bag 2 x Wooden Pegs to adjust the elastic 1 x Instructions

Size 60cm x 40cm approx

Material: Sheesham wood and Haldu wood

Suggested Age: 3 years old and above