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Wooden Pirate Ship
Ahoy there! Bag yourselves the best pirate ship on the seven seas. Come aboard for years of adventure

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This ‘bootiful’ wooden pirate ship is fair trade; we can’t promise the pirates will be playing fair though. Pirate battles & high adventure on the seven seas await. Years of endless fun as the pirates, and imaginations run amuck. Solid wooden, fabulous ship complete with pirates, portholes, working anchor, proper fabric sails, cannon, treasure chest, barrels, plank…excitement and proper play thrown in free.  You really should take a look at Pirate Skittles and Wooden Toy Castle too

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Tell me more about Wooden Pirate Ship

Wooden Pirate Ship

Ahoy bucko's! This gorgeous, solid wood pirate ship has been created by the FAIR TRADE toymaker, Lanka Kade. The beautiful, bright colours are painted on with love & care, BY HAND. Shiver me timbers, it just doesn’t come much better than this.
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Boat Size: 42cm x 32cm approx
Age: For all fully fledged pirates big and small (3+ years)

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