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Shape Sorting Teaching Clock
Don’t let them be the child who can’t read a clock, this beautiful wooden clock can sort it all for you!

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Yet another amazing wooden toy that has so much to offer them. Colours, numbers, shapes, the magic of time, even fractions.  The shape sorting teaching clock really is the best of all worlds. The numbers and shapes have massive play value of their own and as part of the clock itself, this truly is the gift that keeps giving. This beautiful clock will last for years and can be handed (excuse the pun) down to be enjoyed time and time again (sorry, and again!). Make time for a quick look at the awesomness reviews

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Tell me more about Shape Sorting Teaching Clock

Shape Sorting Teaching Clock

Fantastic value, fantastic quality.  This clock really has it all: numbers, letters, words, time-telling, shapes, fractions… and the best bit?  They will love the clock so much they won’t notice how easily they’re learning.  The 12 brightly coloured shapes are a toy in themselves with the numbers written as numerals and words on each one. You will see for yourself how many ways they will find to play. Learning on many different levels that will last for years.  Enjoy!  We know you will.

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Size: circle = 26cm approx
Material: Wood
Finish: Hand finished 
Suggested Age: 2 - 6 years

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