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Wooden Baby Walker with Bricks
The walker that has it all – steady steps, building, balance, alphabet, colours, waiter/waitress service?

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This sturdy, solid wood baby walker really does have it all. They will be up and walking with confidence, the 24 brightly coloured bricks will teach them balance, letters & numbers as well as hand-eye coordination. Build first words, towers and special bonds between you and your special someone. Take a peek at the reviews! 

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Tell me more about Wooden Baby Walker with Bricks

Wooden Baby Walker with Bricks

This wooden baby walker is far superior to the plastic, lightweight versions out there.  Our awesomeness reviews will show you just how good this baby walker with bricks really is. Once they are safely on their feet the walker will be played with for years in many, many ways.  The 24 brightly coloured, real wood bricks have a different letter or number on every face, they will never tire of playing with them. You might also like the Block & Roll Baby Walker, Wooden Alphabet Blocks or our Fantasia Blocks Train all for a similar age

Size: 42cm to top of handle

Material: Wood

Suitable for: Age 1 – until, who knows?!



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