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Drinking Bird Toy
We think he’s just attention seeking! Loving it!

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The drinking bird toy is such fun, we couldn’t resist, could you? Drinking bird will put smiles on faces, from the moment he is unwrapped. Years of entertainment from this attention seeking, top quality toy. He will try to upstage you but you will love him. Liven up the dinner table, the play room & life at the office.  Works by magic (don’t look below if, like us, you like that explanation best). THE drinking bird toy, built to last. 

...Tell me more about it

Tell me more about it

Drinking Bird Toy

Drinking Bird would happily be a Christmas stocking filler. Stop reading now if you believe in magic… OK, Drinking Bird Toy’s magic is actually caused by the vapour in his tummy expanding and contracting, causing the special, magical liquid to let Drinking bird take centre stage at any gathering! But hey, the result is far more entertaining than the explanation.

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Age: Everyone loves him, of course.

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